Donation Policy

The VILB retains the right to decline any donation that does not meet the criteria below. The criteria for acquisitions and weeding are the same.

1. Monetary Donations: The Village of Innisfree Library Board (VILB) appreciates monetary donations for either general library purposes or for specified purposes such as children's books, shelving, magazine/periodical subscriptions, software, or library furnishings. The Friends of the Innisfree Library Society (FILS) is a registered society and can issue tax receipts.

2. Memorial Donations: Memorial donations are acknowledged with the name of the person remembered placed of the Memorial Plaque(s), The FILS will issue a tax receipt if requested.

3. Books: The VILB appreciates donations of books with the following necessary provision: books donated may/may not be added to the library collection, and those not added may be offered for sale or traded with other libraries for books not already in the VIL collection.

Books should be in good condition with all pages and covers intact.

Books should  be free of margin notes. Names and signatures in the flyleaf may be obscured by library staff and would not normally be a barrier to donation.

Reference books should be current and within 5 years of their publishing date.

Children's books should have all textiles or pop up pages in functioning condition.

Books should be clean, dry and free of smoke or other odors.

Magazines should be current and intact without pages, articles or sections removed.

4. Games: should be in good condition with all components present and in good repair. Missing instructions are not a barrier to donation as these can be acquired by the library staff.

5. DVD and Blu-ray: discs must be in good condition with no major scratches. New covers and cases can be found by the library staff if needed.

6. Computers and peripherals: the VILB regrets that computers, printers and other computer peripherals cannot be accepted at this time.

7. Library Furnishings: the VILB regrets that not all donations of furnishings may be accepted for use in the library. Appropriate seating and task tabled may be accepted for use, but the decision regarding acceptability is the responsibility if the VILB.

8. Silent auction Items: the VILB will host a yearly silent auction and/or garage sale and gratefully accepts items that are in like new or gently used working condition for those purposes.

9. Donation Jar: the VILB accepts donations for their programs for which there is no charge. At these events the donation jar will be available.